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Doosan Infracore Speeds Up Battery Pack Business

Doosan Infracore’s first self-developed battery pack prototype (Right). Consisted of different control and protection systems including a battery module (Left), which connects a certain number of cells within a frame, a Battery Management System (BMS), and a cooling device (Center).

Doosan Infracore announced on the 10th that it successfully produced its first self-developed battery pack prototype, enabling the company to speed up its battery pack business and product-automation project.

A ‘Battery Pack’ is the final shape of the battery system that is mounted on electric vehicles. It is consisted of different control and protection systems including a battery module, which connects a certain number of cells within a frame, a Battery Management System (BMS), and a cooling device.

Doosan Infracore’s battery pack has been designed to flexibly assemble standardized cylindrical cells to match unit voltage and capacity. In addition, a modular, standardized design has been applied to the BMS, making it possible to compose up to 32 modules within the battery pack, either in series or parallel. To physically connect the cells, structural adhesives have been used while wire bonding techniques were used to electrically connect the cells, enhancing energy density and stability.

After testing the validity of its electric powerpack business last year, Doosan Infracore has been pushing forward the development of its own battery pack. Once the developed prototypes have been tested on actual vehicles, the company plans to produce the first articles of 1.7 ton electric excavators mounted with these battery packs early next year.

A Doosan Infracore staff mentioned that “battery packs can be mounted on all types of machines that run on electricity from construction machines to farming machines and golf carts”, and added, “The battery pack business aims to reach annual revenue of 500 billion KRW in 2030.”

Prior to this, Doosan Infracore successfully developed its ‘Mild-Hybrid Powertrain’ technology which stands in the middle of a combustion and electric engine. A hybrid powertrain is a power delivery system that uses the combination of a combustion engine with an electric motor and battery which brings about stronger starting power, increased fuel efficiency and output, and emits less carbon emission. Acknowledging such strengths, Doosan Infracore’s ‘48V Mild Hybrid Powertrain’ was selected by Diesel Progress magazine as one of the eleven Notable New Products of 2020.

Dong-youn Sohn, CEO of Doosan Infracore, said “As a top-ranking engine company in Korea, Hyundai Doosan Infracore has developed different engines ranging from those for automotives, vessels, industrial purposes and armored vehicles. The company is now exporting them to Europe, China and even Germany which is known as the home of engines.” adding, “In the midst of a rapid paradigm shift in the combustion engine industry, we are working to speed up development on our hybrid powertrains and automation technology, aiming to become the leader of the global engine market.” <End>

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